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Bangkok Kids at Their Finest – Young Author at VERSO International School Breaking Stereotypes

Dslexia book by VERSO student

Dyslexia is the most common learning difficulty and affects between 5 to 15% of all children, with half of all special education students in a school being dyslexic. Even though the statistics of prevalence are high, dyslexia is often ‘hidden’ and is always a subject on any parents radar.

As the difficulty is hidden, children with dyslexia are often bright and demonstrate no outward sign until they learn to read. This often causes challenges for the dyslexic child, as their reading difficulties are ‘unexpected’ and are seen as having all the cognitive capability to be good readers. As a result of this perception dyslexic students are often undiagnosed, misdiagnosed or worse, labeled as ‘lazy’.

Understanding Dyslexia

A Grade 5 student at VERSO international school has authored a book “The Power of Dyslexia” and Sophia the inspiring student and writer bravely embraces dyslexia. Through this book, she showcases that individuals with dyslexia can excel in writing and that their unique perspective is a gift. While reading, letters may occasionally rearrange, appearing backward or upside down, but that doesn’t hinder their passion for storytelling. 

This inspiring story explores themes of friendship, overcoming bullies, and embracing dyslexia. We are immensely proud to recognize this publication as part of her Explore project.

Sophie’s love for reading, particularly David Williams’ books, has been instrumental in her journey. At the age of 8, she sought assistance from a learning support clinic, where she learned to embrace her dyslexia and the importance of allowing herself more time and practice when working on assignments. Sophie is grateful to her friends, teachers, and parents for their invaluable assistance, advice, and unwavering support in bringing this book to life—a testament she is immensely proud of.

Limited copies of “The Power of Dyslexia” are available for purchase at our Hello office for THB 150. Thank you for your support in celebrating her accomplishment and spreading awareness about the power of dyslexia.

VERSO follows the US curriculum aligned with the New York State Learning standards. This framework serves as the foundation for VERSO’s unique and innovative Future-Ready Curriculum. Within VERSO’s immersive educational environment, learners develop knowledge and skills essential for the evolving workforce. Our award-winning campus allows learners to engage in personalized and project-based learning, where they can pursue their passions and interests through projects that foster problem-solving, discovery, and design skills.

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