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Bangkok International Children Theatre (BICT) Festival 2017

This year, the Bangkok International Children Theatre (BICT) is hosting an Inclusive Workshop Programme for Kids, which takes place between 17 June and 27 August 2017. Kids of all abilities, beliefs and race are welcome to join four creative workshops, including storytelling, movement, shadow puppet, and music & voice.

The underlying belief behind the programme is that children should have opportunities to create their own learning methods. The hands-on learning through the theatre and theatre skills sessions offers a fun and exciting simulations for life experiences.

BICT helps to stimulate child lead learning whilst offering particular tools and skills along the way. Physical, mental, emotional and social skills will be developed and honed to create a wonderful experience for each participating child.

Below are more details on each workshop:

HEADS AND TALES STORYTELLING – 2-day storytelling workshop with Anna Manuel (6-10 year olds)

Date: 17–18 June, 1-5pm
Price: 1,600 baht per child

Workshop details: Anna will be doing a storytelling workshop for children, inspired by the Japanese storytelling form kamishibai (paper play). The children will take part, in any capability, in exploring a story through movement, music, and voice exercises to learn how to tell it creatively and effectively to an audience.

Anna Manuel’s works with children spans over 14 years as a teacher, reading program designer and parent coach. As a storyteller, she runs Heads and Tales – a roving storytelling caravan that brings stories to children and their families in different venues. For Anna, stories are the most powerful tools we have in understanding, connecting, and thriving with other human beings.

FAMILY PROGRAMME: MAGIC OF DARKNESS  – 2-day shadow puppet workshop with Sirikarn Bunjongtad (4-6 year olds)

Date: 1-2 July, 1pm-4pm
Price: 1,600 baht per child (adults welcome, with an additional fee of 350 baht per adult)

Workshop details: “Beauty is simple”

Playing in the dark is challenging to children. Let them overcome their fears, learn new things and discover the magic of light and shadow. Learning through play creates integrated learning experiences which will allow children to practice many skills such as associative thinking and problem solving.

Sirikarn Bunjongtad had a great passion for puppetry. In 2006, Jae joined Makhampom Theatre Group. She started making puppets for theatre and TV programs. Now, she’s been producing many puppetry productions. She believes puppetry and theatre encourage us all to embrace the diversity, freedom of speech, and the unlimited human creativity.

CREATIVE MOVEMENT – 1-day workshop with Jarunan Phantachat (8-12 years olds)

Date: 15 or 16 July, 1-4pm
Price: 900 baht per child

Workshop details: Let’s explore your body through lines and shapes. Learn to move through space and let your body move with music. Create your own movement and move your body to communicate with other participants. Creative movement is a fun way to help children develop physical skills and promote creativity.

Jarunan Phantachat is Co-Artistic Director and Founder of B-Floor Theatre, a movement-based theatre group in Bangkok. She is a Thai contemporary award-winning theatre director and dynamic physical performer. She has also continuously performed with other Thai and international theatre companies, praised as “one of the best stage actresses in the country”.

PLAYING WITH VOICE AND MUSIC- 4-day workshop with Suchawadee Phetpanomporn (8-12 years olds)

Date: 19-20, 26-27 August (Participant must participate in every workshop day)
Price: 2,400 baht per child

Workshop details: Play and discover the relationship between your body and voice by creating music and playing with musical instruments. This workshop is a combination of theatrical and musical artistry, using surrounding objects to let children find their voice and showcase a short performance to let them be heard.

Suchawadee Phetpanomporn works on developing creative drama programmes. She has experiences in working with various groups of children including children with special needs. She also teaches how to use the voice effectively when speaking.

Every workshop will take place at Room 401, 4th floor, Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC).

To reserve your spot, please register in advance.

For more information, please call 081-441-5718, e-mail [email protected] or visit BICT’s Facebook page.

BICT_2017_BKK Kids

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