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Bangkok Faces: Noon Zinck of Enginou.com

Your Name: Noon Zinck
Job Title: Owner of Enginou.com

What is your nationality and background?
I was born and raised in Bangkok. Thanks to my father’s dedication and hard working, I was provided with a good foundation, which later got me accepted into good schools. Now it’s my turn to do the same with my 2 children.

What is your profession?
I was working for a FMCG industry for several years and I always like its challenges, flexibility and consumer involvement. Some period of being a full-time mom was satisfactory but still could not fulfill me the sense of accomplishment. I am lucky to have the project that suits me now.

What are the key skills and responsibilities of this role?
The key is to put myself as a customer or as a parent, for this I just have to be myself. But the harder part is to imagine what other parents’ expectation and why.

How did you get involved in your profession?
When I came back from 2 years staying in France, I was simply looking to buy a game to play with my older son. And I realized that the high quality educational toys rarely exist in Thailand, not even in Bangkok. Of course, there are several stores that you can buy toys, but they are small varieties and some are not up to standard. So I started putting all my ideas and here comes Enginou.

How does your role enhance the well-being or experience of children?
At Enginou, we only select quality toys that give children something more; from physical durability to specific skill training. Our products come from many places around the world. But we emphasize on local production; our first choice is to carry products that are locally produced in Thailand. If they do not exist, we consider other imported products. For example, Thai wooden toys are the most well-known around the world, yet not a lot of Thais realize it. This will help parents seeking for great toys, while encourage local consumption.

What challenges do your face in this role?
Like every mom, the most challenging thing is to balance my energy and time between work and children. Especially more difficult when it’s a start-up and I hope it will get easier after!

What do you hope to achieve within your industry?
For Enginou, I would like it to be an alternative destination for parents looking for unique and value-added products for their children. Not number 1 in the market, but number 1 toy shop that cares.

Who or what inspires you?
My big inspiration is my family. It used to be a lot more from my parents, now it’s more my children (sorry, papa and mama). They are reliable product-testing sources, without complaints without wages. Also, they now understand that all those stacks of toys we have, are meant to share with other children.

Only a Bangkok local would know…
I hate traffic, which is one of the reason I see so much potential of e-commerce business. My favourite moment, although I haven’t done much lately, is to take a boat ride in San Sab canal to the old town during the weekend. The wind flows to my face, the vibration of the boat engine, people walk up and down at the pier. It just feels like going back in time.

Enginou maintains branches at All Seasons Place on Wireless Road and The Commons Thonglor 17. Shop in the stores or online.

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