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Bangkok Faces: Dr Anjana of Samitivej Hospital

Dr. Anjana Sachabudhawong is one of the most highly recommended pediatricians in the English speaking community in Bangkok. Described as “wonderfully thoughtful and very thorough”, she is known for her critical thinking, bedside manner and gentle approach. We asked her to share some words about herself with the BKK Kids community…

“I always knew I wanted to be a doctor but it wasn’t until medical school that I decided to become a pediatrician. Working with children was not only fun and lively, but most illnesses that children come in with are acute and generally things that I can help fix. The satisfaction and happiness of seeing children recover and return to their normal selves sends me home smiling every day. Even with chronic cases I can help bring relief to children and their parents.

The most challenging cases for me are those that could have been prevented, such as accidental drowning. Treating a steady flow of drowning cases made me wonder what I could do to help educate the public and promote safety and prevention at the swimming pool. As a result, I organise first aid classes for parents, nannies – whoever wants to join. I run classes for up to 25 people in Japanese, Thai and English. Especially in the Japanese culture where there aren’t nannies, moms are often responsible for child safety. I teach them to be in the pool with their children, to pay close attention and be able to react quickly to any accident. They learn how to perform CPR at the scene to help protect the child’s brain and lungs.

I began my blog, happyhealthychildren.info as another way to educate parents and families about child health and safety. Working with so many families asking questions I began to feel stressed because with my limited time I felt I wasn’t reaching enough people. I decided that a public platform would serve our community better, allowing me to reach more people interested in the same questions. My goal is for this blog to become an interactive community providing invaluable information and support from both doctors and parents.

Raising children may be the most important, and sometimes the most difficult, thing we will ever do. While we all want to do our best, the reality is that modern life brings many questions and challenges to successful parenting and a happy childhood. To navigate these decisions and encourage the positive physical and emotional development of our children means we need to work together and communicate effectively.”

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