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Explore the Bangkok Art Biennale 2018!

The Bangkok Art Biennale (BAB) has begun! Running from today until 3 February 2019, this FREE city-wide arts festival features 200 works of art by 75 artists from 33 countries.

Bangkok Art Biennale Foundation, the event organiser, aims to engage and inspire diverse local and international audiences by actively fostering recognition and appreciation of contemporary art exhibitions. Other goals includes supporting relevant artistic and creative projects by Thais; developing high-profile art activities that promote Bangkok as leading contemporary art destination; revitalizing and enriching areas of Bangkok into art walks; and more.

There are 20 locations where the artwork can be seen, including the Nailert Heritage Home, Mandarin Oriental, EmQuartier, BACC, Wat Pho (Temple of the Reclining Buddha) and the Bank of Thailand’s Learning Centre. A complete list of venues, including a map, has been created by the organiser. You can also download the BAB’s free app (see QR code below) or guidebook for all the info, including suitability for young children, and updates.

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Get out there with the family, and check out the art! Snap away and tag your photos with the hashtags #bab2018 #bkkartbiennale2018 #bangkokartbiennale #beyondbliss #contemporaryart to be a part of art history in the making.

While BAB is free, some temples do charge a normal admission fee (and don’t forget the dress code – no shorts, sleeveless tops, form fitting clothing, flip flops…). Opening hours will depend on the normal operating time of that particular venue. There will be signs around the city with directional arrows to guide you towards the art, so be on the lookout for the BAB signage. Enjoy!


Photo Credit: Bangkok Art Biennale

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