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Book Review: ‘Attack My Anxiety!’

Anxiety, fear and nervousness are challenging issues for anyone to tackle, and the book ‘Attack My Anxiety!’ by Bangkok-based educator and counsellor Amornrat Sachdev presents it in a way that is easy for children to understand. Intended for kids ages 5 to 12, the author conveys the relatable story of a young boy worried about and struggling with math class using a supportive sidekick, lots of dialogue, and colourful cartoon-style illustrations by Jenna Cumbers.

Amornrat first takes readers through the physiological effects of anxiety in detail, covering the amygdala and how it works to protect the body from perceived fear or danger. With a touch of humour, the second half of the book then engages and empowers kids to use techniques to identify and overcome feelings of anxiety and fear.

For those with children struggling with anxiety, Attack My Anxiety! serves as a great resource to guide them through conversations about anxiety; in fact, the book is as much for parents as it is for children! It contains a special guide for adults, with tips on how to gauge a child’s level of anxiety using a numeric child-centric scale that ranges from “0-Not Nervous at All” to “10-Super Duper Nervous” as well as how to role play as their child’s “monster”, helping to diminish anxiety through the coping strategies presented in the book.

In addition to being an enjoyable and educational read, children will gain new tools that they can use to counter anxiety – with the ultimate aim of being more capable of handling life’s challenges, both in and outside of school.

Attack My Anxiety! can be purchased online through Book Depository, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble. Readers can also visit the publisher’s website (www.ed-ucation.ca) to order the book and view other educational resources.


About the Author

Amornrat Sachdev is the Secondary Counsellor & Psychology Teacher at Bangkok Prep. She loves counselling and all things to do with Psychology. Also, she tutors in her spare time. She loves reading books of different genres (and discussing them within her Book Club) and cooking, but only when she is not expected to. She misses living in the UK and Australia, but can not deny the comforts and beauty of being home in Bangkok again.


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