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Accessing the Right Type of Learning Support; Successful Online Options

The global pandemic has shown us that many of life tasks can be done online without leaving the house. Whether it’s remote work, birthday party Zoom calls, virtual catch-ups, ordering groceries or online learning, online works nearly as well as the real thing.

It’s the same with health. Rather than spending time travelling and waiting around sick people, you can now call your doctor from home to get advice and help immediately.

Health and educational support for our kids is also now much more accessible through tele-therapy. Services such as speech, language and communication therapy, occupational therapy, learning support and mental health support can all now be accessed online. All you need is a computer or tablet and a set of headphones and you can connect directly with a therapist or helper.

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Is Tele-therapy as Effective as Face-to-Face Sessions?

Perhaps surprisingly, research suggests it is and in fact has many advantages over in-person therapy. Many kids find it easier and less confronting to talk to a therapist online in the familiar surroundings of their home or school.

With lockdowns, kids are now very used to logging on to Zoom calls with their teachers, so therapy would be just like another lesson.

Other advantages include the integration of therapy into the home or school environment and greater parent or teacher involvement. Online therapy also allows for sharing of resources, recording sessions and collaboration between parents and teachers through online meetings.

Because it’s not limited to professionals in your local area, teletherapy offers a wider pool of specialists, meaning waiting times are less and access to specialised help starts sooner. Online therapy is also a lot more convenient and can take place when your child is at their best, either at home or school. There is also no need to drive to a clinic and waste time in traffic.

Australian Therapy Services was founded because we are passionate about ensuring that all children who need help can get it. We provide assessments and therapy in speech and language, occupational therapy, educational psychology, mental health and learning support.

We have access to a wide pool of specialists so we can find the best match for your child. Our therapists are based in Australia, which provides convenient time zones for the sessions, either in the home or at school.

All our therapists are accredited to Australian professional standards and we are committed to continuously improving our services.

If you are interesting in discussing our services or would like to discuss particular concerns about your child please get in contact with Lorelle, our Clinical Director at lorelle@ australiantherapyservices.com or visit our website www.australiantherapyservices.com or our Facebook page.

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