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A Sneak Peek at some of The Top International Schools in Bangkok

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As we are now heading towards the end of the international school academic year and you may be considering moving to Bangkok or looking at a first school in Bangkok, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve taken all the great school videos plus the informative question & answer sessions from our virtual schools summit and put them in any easy to view format, according to their relevant curriculum. 

We’ve also given you access to some great blogs looking at the differences in the various curriculum styles and what they individually offer.

If you need extra assistance in your school choices or further questions answered, please let us know. We are here to help, and have a team dedicated to just answering your questions [email protected].

The Best of British

Click here to read more about the British Curriculum

British schools in Bangkok
Bangkok Patana School
Bangkok International Preparatory & Secondary School
King’s College International School
St. Andrews International School, Dusit, Green Valley, Sathorn, Sukhumvit 107
St Andrews International School
Shrewsbury International School Bangkok
Brighton College International School Bangkok
Denla British School (DBS)
Regent’s International School Bangkok
British International School, Phuket
Raintree International School
Mooltripakdee International School (MIS)

Aiming high American style

Click here to read more about the American Curriculum

International School Bangkok Thailand (ISB)
BASIS International School Bangkok
KPIS International School
VERSO International School
Wells International School

IB world schools

Click here to read more about IB World Schools

KIS International School
Magic Years International School
NIST International School

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