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A Fun, Natural, and Educational Environment at The Apple Tree International Kindergarten

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The Apple Tree International Kindergarten in Bangkok is a nursery school for kids aged 1.5 – 5 years. At The Apple Tree International Kindergarten, we create and maintain a positive and encouraging educational environment where your child can grow and thrive.

We are popular and unique because of our convenient location, talented team of child educators, top class facilities, unique approach, child safety measures, green environment, homemade food, and more.

Living up to its reputation of being a school for those who desire the highest commitment to education and development, The Apple Tree International Kindergarten offers special care, learning and excellent facilities, nurturing your child(ren) to the highest levels of educational development commensurate with their age. We also do our best to ensure that their social, emotional, and other developmental needs are adequately met.

Our school is purpose-built, meaning it was specifically designed, constructed and equipped with the comfort, safety, and welfare of your kids in mind. Think spacious and beautifully decorated classrooms with abundant natural light, quality educational resources such as toys and books, as well as many other teaching materials that will help to enhance your child’s learning and development.

We recognize the importance of play and interaction with nature, especially for little children, so we have also taken care to equip our campus with an expansive outdoor green area where children can play and enjoy themselves, while exploring and appreciating nature.  This makes for a balanced and stimulating school environment, inspiring and enabling your kids to develop holistically.

As an Early Years Foundation Stage School, The Apple Tree International Kindergarten is headed by a capable EYFS educator and administrator with a passion for Early Childhood education, and extensive experience garnered from several teaching and administrative positions in London, the UK, and various other international schools. Backing her up is an excellent team of teachers and support staff whom she specially handpicked not only for their formal training and experience on child welfare and safety, but also for their creativity and outstanding performance. These talented educators assist our Head of School in ensuring that your child receives a first educational experience that is active, exciting, and memorable.

We operate on the philosophy that each child is unique; therefore, we personalize instruction to meet each child’s individual needs, and in that way empower them to flourish and unleash their full potential. We also believe in exploring children’s passions and curiosities, while enabling provisions to be made for interactive heuristic learning experiences.

We are committed to providing your family with a supportive and developmentally sound foundation. You would be right to call The Apple Tree International Kindergarten one of the best pre-schools in Bangkok.

Purpose-built play-based kindergarten at Sukhumvit 26, Bangkok

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