40 Things to Do in Bangkok — with Kids

15 March 2015, BKK Kids

Bangkok offers an abundance of activities catering to young and developing minds. Here are 40 things to do with your toddlers and young children in Bangkok.

1. Playgroups Most international schools and several private organisations offer structured and non-structured playgroups catering specifically to toddlers. Some playgroups have a specific focus such as music, gymnastics, dance, language or open play, that will keep tots engaged in a more social setting. Note: some playgroups are designed for parents-only, while others welcome nannies and carers. You may wish to check this prior to attending.

2. Play Centres Extreme temperatures and the chaos of Bangkok can make Play Centres an enticing activity for parents and children alike. In most cases, shopping malls will offer a dedicated play space to children on the topmost floor. These generally incorporate ball pits, padded climbing frames/slides and ride-on toys. Our picks:

3. Parks and playgrounds
Kids can have fun, get active and utilise those motor skills for a better way of life. The trick in Bangkok is to go early, or go late to one of the many Parks & Playgrounds. Avoid the midday heat! Most parks provide a formal playground, and often have surrounding lakes with fish, turtles and monitor lizards (watch out!). Our picks:

4. Cool down
Whether you’re seeking a light paddle or adrenaline firing fun – Bangkok offers a number of ways to get wet and cool down. Note: take extra care with cleanliness and supervision around water in Bangkok. Our picks:

5. Animal encounters
Get up-close and personal with a range of animals in and around Bangkok. Be sure to check the conservation value of the park, as there are some questionable premises. Our picks:

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6. Temple time
Bangkok’s Rattanakosin district radiates gold with regal statues and sacred structures. Children can lose themselves in the widespread gardens, drop coins in bronze bowls, light incense and tour one of many temples. Note: opposite Wat Pho is a waterfront district lined with restaurants. While they are not specifically designed for children, families are welcome and there is plenty of child-friendly food. Watching the sun set over Wat Arun is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our picks:

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7. Creative pursuits Channel your child’s vivid imagination and partake in a range of simple, fun, development-boosting activities. Our picks:

8. Museum madness
Hunt for fossils, enjoy hands-on exhibits, engage in battle games and play with traditional Thai toys in a number of Museums throughout Bangkok. Our picks:

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9. Move off the beaten track If you’re tired of the regular Bangkok sites and sounds, why not consider a few off-beat attractions. Our picks:

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  1. Thaim

    My baby loves playgroups! I see to it that we attend at least once session every week just so my baby can socialize with other kids and also learn to have fun through small and simple activities conducted in the play group.

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