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4 Live Family-Friendly Performances in Bangkok

Looking to catch a live family-friendly show in Bangkok? The following four shows include spectacular production values, 4D experiences, interactive elements, and plenty of good old fashioned family fun.

  1. Siam Niramit – Ratchada Theatre

One of the largest stage productions in the world, Siam Niramit tells the epic story of Thai history religion, and culture across seven centuries. The spectacular 90-minute production is held in the huge 2,000-seat Ratchada Theatre, incorporating dazzling special effects and more than 150 performers. Real goats and elephants are also brought out onto the stage, which always proves a highlight with little ones. In addition, there’s the option of indulging in a Thai and international buffet before the show begins. Standard seats start from 1,500 baht.

  1. Cookin’ NANTA – Bangkok NANTA Theatre RCA Plaza Building

Beginning at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 1999, and appearing on New York’s Broadway in 2004, ‘NANTA’ is a hilarious, non-verbal performance that has found success with audiences around the world. The show involves four chefs trying to cook a wedding banquet while frantically dealing with a looming deadline. Alongside comedic mishaps and fast-paced drama, the actors use an array of kitchen utensils including knives and chopping boards to perform a style of Korean rhythmic music known as samul nori. There’s plenty of audience participation, while the slapstick nature of the show will appeal to little ones and older kids alike. Tickets start from 1,300 baht; check for periodic promotions.

  1. The Magical Circus of Thailand – Asiatique

Sure to prove a big hit with kids, the Magical Circus of Thailand involves a dazzling array of acts incorporating nail-biting stunts, circus clowns, acrobatics and magic. Highlights such as the “Globe of Death” feature five motorcyclists racing around a metal cage. Meanwhile, the “Fly Team Show” (comprised of a highly skilled group of acrobats) perform high tension stunts, including a sequence where “Spiderman” swoops and spins from spider-web ropes. The show starts every night at 7:00pm and runs up until October 31st. Tickets start from 400 THB for adults and 200 THB for children.

  1. The Himmapan Avatar Show – SHOW DC Mega Complex, Bangkapi

Billed as the world’s first 360-degree stage performance, the live-action fantasy of the Himmapan Avatar Show brings a Thai tale to life in spectacular fashion. Inspired by the Himmapan mythical forest of Hindu-Buddhist belief, visitors are taken through an immersive audiovisual experience incorporating music, animation, animatronics and 4D techniques. During an “All-Dimensional Fantasy Live Show”, over 100 performers get up close and personal with the audience, darting between seats in the vast hall of Himmapan Forest. There’s even the opportunity for taking a quick selfie with one of the mythical creatures. The show lasts 70 minutes and performances take place in both Thai and English. Tickets start from 1,400 baht and entry is free for children under 4 years old.

Photo Credit: Siam Niramit

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