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10 Great Netflix Kids Shows

There’s now a fantastic range of children’s shows available on Netflix in Thailand. Here are 10 great programmes to look out for – combining fun, learning and interactive elements for kids ages 2 (or so) and up.

1. Peppa Pig

Plucky little piglet Peppa is the star of the show in this animated series that teaches children about feelings, cooperation and friendship. Most episodes revolve around Peppa taking part in an everyday activity with her friends and family, from swimming and camping to playing garden games and listening to bedtime stories.

2. Teletubbies

Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po live together in Tellytubbyland, a colorful world of rolling hills populated by various creatures including the Noo-noo, the rabbits and the Voice Trumpets. Episodes involve play, discovery and cooperation as the Teletubbies talk to each other and their friends through their nonsensical language, created to sound like the babbling tones of young children.

3. Shushybye

Every night, the dreams of young children are created by the Shushies – a group of magical characters that live in villages such as Slumber Heights and Snore Snore. Dreams are packaged up in Dream Boxes, then delivered on the Shushybye Train to children as they fall to sleep.  Aimed at pre-schoolers, Shushybye is designed to help little ones get ready for sleep with bedtime stories and sing-alongs.

4. Caillou

Based around the adventures of an imaginative four-year-old, Caillou teaches and inspires pre-schoolers to deal with life’s little obstacles. This educational programme involves curious Caillou interacting with invisible friends, enjoying big adventures, and finding wonder in the world around him – temporarily transforming daily events into fantastical escapades.

5. Dinosaur Train

Dinosaur Train aims to educate children about life science, natural history and palaeontology. The show is based around an inquisitive young Tyrannosaurus rex named Buddy and his dinosaur friends. In each episode, the characters visit various times throughout the prehistoric period on the Dinosaur Train, learning all about the wonder of dinosaurs on their fun-filled adventures.

6. Strawberry Shortcake’s Berry Bitty Adventures

Strawberry Shortcake and her best friends live in the colourful world of Berry Bitty City, a miniature town beneath the leaves of a berry patch. Together, the girls embark on new adventures and quests, receiving help from the kind hearted Berry Bitty City townsfolk. Targeted at younger viewers, the series teaches valuable lessons such as cooperation, emotional intelligence and social skills.

7. FETCH! with Ruff Ruffman

Real kids face big challenges in this unscripted reality TV game show combining animation with live-action. Animated dog, Ruff Ruffman, hosts the show and sets the challenges as six young contestants tackle science-based tasks involving experiments, solving problems and teamwork. Targeting 6-10 year olds, the programme demonstrates how working together and applying specific skills can help find solutions to complex problems.

8. Tree Fu Tom

In Tree Fu Tom, young boy Tom travels to Treetopolsis – a miniature world located in a tree in his back garden. In each episode, Tom asks viewers to perform magical moves to help him perform spells during his adventures. These magical actions have been designed by movement specialists and are particularly useful for supporting children with movement disorders like dyspraxia.

9. Justin Time

To solve everyday childhood challenges, Justin and his imaginary friend, Squidgy, embark on historical adventures around the world – from encountering the Vikings to travelling into space. In every episode the pair are met by their best friend, Olive, as they solve the latest challenge before Justin returns back to the real world. Targeting 3-6 year olds, Justin Time looks to develop curiosity and inspire kids to ask questions about the world around them.

10. Wild Kratts

This animated adventure sees Martin and Chris Kratt travel the world, meeting amazing wild animals, and learning scientific principles related to the animal in question’s life. The guys’ wacky adventures are aided by their Creature Power Suits – enabling them to achieve superhuman feats like diving with a squid and soaring with peregrine falcons.  Aimed at 6-8 year olds, Wild Kratts is all about teaching kids scientific principles in a fun and engaging format.

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