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Category: School-aged Children

Oct 27
The Trouble with Too Much Television

Television is ubiquitous in our society and is often introduced to children at a very…

Jul 13
The Effect of Relocation on Kids

Relocation is both exciting and challenging. New opportunities, new friendships, new…

May 07
Recommended Paediatricians at Bumrungrad International Hospital

Parents from our community often ask for recommendations on local specialists on…

Apr 08
Fussing Over Food? Why Children Refuse to Eat

Is your kid a terrible eater? It’s not just your child trying to be difficult, says Dr…

Feb 17
“Paed Wings”, an Emergency Aero Medical Service in Bangkok

Among the comprehensive service offerings of Samitivej Hospitals, a small team of…

Dec 16
Constipation in Children

Constipation is a very common problem among kids. If your child complains of mild to…

Nov 20
Diabetes in Children

Diabetes among children might seem like a nightmare for parents, but Dr Oranan…

Apr 29
Hematuria in Children

While hematuria in children is a fairly uncommon medical condition, urinary…