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Category: School-aged Children

May 20
When Your Child’s Growth is Too Slow

Growth charts and development milestones are standard equipment for every parent, so it is normal for parents to be concerned if they notice their child is growing less than other […]

Apr 27
Coping with Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is all part of being a parent. Little ones often become upset when they’re suddenly left with someone else, including milestone events such as starting school. Equally, adults […]

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Jan 12
Latest Research on Childhood Obesity Epidemic

The latest global statistics on childhood obesity were recently released, and the numbers are alarming. During the past four decades, the number of obese children and adolescents has grown by […]

Dec 08
How Important are Multivitamins for Children?

How important is it for children to take multivitamins, especially if a child can be quite a picky eater?  According to the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Nutrition, healthy children […]

Sep 19
Ask a Doctor: FAQs related to Family Health in Bangkok (Part 4)

As part of an ongoing series of articles with Bumrungrad International Hospital, we asked parents to submit family health related questions to us, to be addressed by the hospital’s Medical Coordination Office. Below […]

Jul 29
3 Simple Ways to Get Your Child to Take Care of Their Teeth While in School

Is your child all ready for the new school year? Just like most parents, you’re probably wondering what’s in store for them once they settle into their school time routine. While […]

Oct 10
Common Behavioural Disorders in Young Children

It’s natural for young children to be rowdy and attentive at times, but this behaviour can get out of control for some kids. When these behaviours get out of control […]

Aug 24
Are Growing Pains Real?

Has your child ever woken up in the middle of the night complaining of achy legs, or has trouble falling asleep because of leg pain? It is not uncommon for […]

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Jun 01
The Multitude of Vaccines – What to Get and When

Dr. Donna Robinson of MedConsult Clinic addresses common concerns about children’s vaccination schedule. Vaccination schedules can be very confusing, especially if your child has grown up in several countries that have different […]

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Dec 16
FAQs on Food Allergies in Children

Food allergies can be difficult to identify initially as they present a wide range of symptoms and history of onset. For example, any one of the following scenarios may apply: […]

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