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Apr 06
Dry Eye Syndrome – Is It Pollution, Age, or Something Else?

Symptoms of dry eye syndrome are generally straightforward and include dry, red, and…

Aug 27
8 Health Tips for Families in Bangkok

Keeping your family healthy is not an easy task. At times, it feels like being Bangkok…

Jun 20
Five Things to Do If Your Child is Obese

The continued spread of the childhood obesity epidemic means more parents than ever…

May 20
When Your Child’s Growth is Too Slow

Growth charts and development milestones are standard equipment for every parent, so…

Jun 01
The Multitude of Vaccines – What to Get and When

Dr. Donna Robinson of MedConsult Clinic addresses common concerns about children’s…

Feb 23
Tips for Teaching Kids Proper Oral Hygiene

Children can start getting their permanent adult teeth around five or six years old,…

Jan 06
Early Puberty: When it Happens too Young

First, parents need to understand that puberty is about physical development, not…

Dec 16
FAQs on Food Allergies in Children

Food allergies can be difficult to identify initially as they present a wide range of…

Nov 05
Children’s Eyesight in the Digital Age

Today, wherever you go, you’ll find people with their heads down looking at their…

Oct 27
The Trouble with Too Much Television

Television is ubiquitous in our society and is often introduced to children at a very…