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Category: Teenagers

Feb 23
Tips for Teaching Kids Proper Oral Hygiene

Children can start getting their permanent adult teeth around five or six years old, so it’s important that they learn how to properly care for their teeth from an early […]

Jan 06
Early Puberty: When it Happens too Young

First, parents need to understand that puberty is about physical development, not intellectual and emotional maturity. In early puberty, a primary concern is physical and hormonal changes, while a secondary […]

Dec 16
FAQs on Food Allergies in Children

Food allergies can be difficult to identify initially as they present a wide range of symptoms and history of onset. For example, any one of the following scenarios may apply: […]

  • Allergies
Nov 05
Children’s Eyesight in the Digital Age

Today, wherever you go, you’ll find people with their heads down looking at their phones or tablets – even young children. Many parents ask me how digital screens will affect […]

Oct 27
The Trouble with Too Much Television

Television is ubiquitous in our society and is often introduced to children at a very young age. Not long ago, toddlers and growing children spent most of their waking hours […]

Jul 13
The Effect of Relocation on Kids

Relocation is both exciting and challenging. New opportunities, new friendships, new places to discover… while leaving the people and places you know and love. You are exchanging comfort for possibilities. […]

  • Health
Apr 13
The Dangers of Teenagers and Smoking

Despite dozens of studies and decades of research proving the hazards of smoking, it is still remarkably common to see someone lighting up a cigarette on the streets of Bangkok. Tobacco […]

Nov 20
Diabetes in Children

Diabetes among children might seem like a nightmare for parents, but Dr Oranan Siwamogsatham, M.D. of Samitivej Hospital says it is growing and we need to learn that some lifestyle […]

  • Health
Apr 29
Hematuria in Children

While hematuria in children is a fairly uncommon medical condition, urinary abnormalities are commonly found in children. It is also one of the major illnesses that worry parents to the […]