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Category: General Wellbeing

Apr 14
5 Tips for Keeping Kids Safe in the Heat

With the hottest time of the year upon us, everyone in Bangkok will inevitably find themselves wilting from time to time. And it goes without saying that kids can be […]

Apr 07
Safety Tips for Songkran

It’s time to dust off the water guns and raincoats as Songkran is approaching. There’s an extended holiday this year from April 12th to 16th but Songkran, AKA the Seven […]

Mar 27
Sun Awareness for Families in Thailand

As few as 7-10% of young Thai children are given sunscreen, and according to Professor Siriwan Wananukul it is never too soon to apply such protective lotions on children. Spending a […]

Mar 26
6 Tips for Keeping Children Hydrated

As children are more prone to dehydration than adults and Thailand is definitely having one of the hottest summers in five decades, with thanks to our friends at Samitivej hospital […]

Mar 04
5 Tips for Keeping Children Safe Around Water

Drowning is the leading cause of children’s deaths in Thailand, due in part to lax health and occupational safety regulations. For example, many condominiums and apartments have unfenced pools and […]

Feb 21
The Importance of Learning to Swim in The Early Years

Learning to swim in the early years is one of the most important skills parents can teach their kids, it’s one of the skills that could easily save their lives. […]

Feb 12
Sports, Exercise & Physical Education

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you but how do we encourage these healthy habits for our kids especially in an age where ever-evolving technology is constantly distracting them? […]

Jan 04
Thank you: The Most Powerful Thing to Teach Children After Christmas

A simple Christmas Thank you. Think back to your childhood. Did your parents insist on you writing thank you notes? If so, how did you feel about it? If my […]

Dec 11
5 Stress-busting Tips for the Christmas Holiday Season

Every year, you imagine that the Christmas season will be the perfect picture of your family in matching pajamas, hanging stockings around the amazingly colour coordinated tree, flawless cooking, delighted […]

Nov 22
Growing Up Online; Should We Monitor our Children’s Use of Social Media Sites?

New technology certainly has its perks, but can also bring additional worries for the modern parent. How can you protect your loved ones from cyber bullies? Should you enforce strict […]