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Category: General Wellbeing

Sep 25
Accessing the Right Type of Learning Support; Successful Online Options

The global pandemic has shown us that many of life tasks can be done online without leaving the house. Whether it’s remote work, birthday party Zoom calls, virtual catch-ups, ordering […]

Sep 19
Do you know about Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)?

What is Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)? DLD is a condition which makes communication difficult for children. It is a common disorder and research suggests it impacts up to two children in […]

Jul 21
Healthy Cooking with Priyam’s Kitchen for Kids

Priyam’s Kitchen for Kids serves as a great resource for diverse and healthy recipes geared for kids, using locally available ingredients. Khun Priyam Sachdev, the site’s owner and mother of twin […]

May 25
Cultivating Good Mental Health Awareness at The Ivy School

Each year millions of young kids face the reality of living with and struggling to manage their mental health challenges. During May, globally many different organisations join the national movement […]

Mar 23
No Nits: Tips for Handling Head Lice

Yes, head lice are gross, but don’t panic! They are a nuisance for sure, but definitely not a health hazard — and certainly not an indication of your household’s level of […]

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Oct 28
The Benefits of Learning to Play an Instrument in the Early Years

Music is everywhere – from myriad streaming apps to live concerts, music is an infectious feeling in which kids just love. Encouraging a love of music and learning to play […]

Sep 29
Why the Dog Really Should Eat Your Kid’s Homework

“Great lesson today! Can you do Saturday next week?” “Hmm, Saturday might be difficult because I already have basketball, ballet, piano and golf. Oh, and English.” This is the answer […]

Jul 27
6 Pure Essential Oils for Repelling Mosquitoes

In the perpetual hot and humid climate in Thailand, mosquitoes are active all year long. DEET products contain chemicals that many believe are harmful to humans as well as other […]

Jul 19
Health and Safety Tips for the Rainy Season

The Thai monsoon season has definitely now arrived in full force and while it starts with a few one-off storms and a little rain over night, it soon swings into […]

Apr 28
Helping Teenagers Thrive

It is tough to be a parent, especially at transitional times in kids’ lives such as the teen years. There’s a lot to navigate, such as not your kid not […]