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Category: General Wellbeing

Apr 03
Bangkok Faces: Doris Seau, Founder & Practitioner of EduQ International Wellness

Your Name: Doris Seau Job Title: Founder, Trainer & Health Practitioner of EduQ International Wellness, which enhances children and women’s health using aromatherapy, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), therapeutic massage, and […]

Feb 13
Bangkok’s Theta State Float Centre

Recently a good friend of mine decided to open a float centre in bangkok. From the initial idea to the opening of the beautifully designed space located in Avenue Mall, […]

Jan 15
10 Sources of Organic and Eco-friendly Baby and Kids’ Products in Bangkok

Bangkok is increasingly going green, with more organic, eco-friendly and sustainable products available for consumers. Here’s our list of 10 local stores or suppliers that offer a range of such […]

Dec 15
Bangkok Faces: Prof. Emeritus Chanika Tuchinda of Samitivej

All children should have the opportunity to develop to their full capacity. This fundamental belief has driven Professor Emeritus Chanika Tuchinda M.D. throughout her medical career. Dr. Chanika’s story has […]

Jun 17
Bangkok Faces: Dr Anjana of Samitivej Hospital

Dr. Anjana Sachabudhawong is one of the most highly recommended pediatricians in the English speaking community in Bangkok. Described as “wonderfully thoughtful and very thorough”, she is known for her […]

May 26
Stress Relief for Kids in Bangkok

There’s no doubt the prolonged political crisis has taken a toll on Bangkok residents. This includes young children, who readily pick up on and react to the stress felt by […]

Mar 10
Bangkok Faces: Dimple Arora of Golden Awareness Holistic Nutrition & Wellness

Your Name: Dimple Arora (Duangthip) Job Title: Founder & Director of Golden Awareness Holistic Nutrition & Wellness (Doctor of Natural Medicine, M.D.A.M, (Diet & Nutrition Advisor, SAC Dip., London, Advanced […]