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May 23
Mental Health Awareness at Shrewsbury International School City Campus

At Shrewsbury International School Bangkok City Campus, nurturing the mental well-being of our students is at the forefront of our pastoral care practice. As educators, we understand that a child’s […]

May 15
“Lighten up!”: What Not to Say to Someone with Depression (Part 2 of 2)

Thailand, the Land of a Thousand Smiles… and at least one million depressed teenagers. Part 1 offered an insight into the experience of depression and how to recognize it. But […]

May 10
Growing Minds & Shaping Futures at Samitivej Children’s Hospital

At Samitivej Children’s Hospital, our commitment to excellence extends beyond physical therapy. With equal emphasis on mental well-being, we address every issue and age group with utmost care. Our dedicated […]

Apr 30
Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental health is wealth, especially during Mental Health Awareness Month, which is celebrated in May and discussing this, recognising the symptoms and where to find help and support is something […]

Apr 30
How to Talk to Your Child About Bullying

By Jenni Trent Greenman Bullying is one of those unfortunate parts of life that most of us experience, typically during our childhood years. And while bullying has been dismissed as […]

Apr 12
The Benefits Nutrition Plays in Managing Mental Health

Ever thought about the fact that what you eat directly affects the way you feel? We’ve all turned to donuts and ice cream when we are feeling down, only to […]

May 25
Cultivating Good Mental Health Awareness at The Ivy School

Each year millions of young kids face the reality of living with and struggling to manage their mental health challenges. During May, globally many different organisations join the national movement […]

May 23
Healthy Relationships from the Inside Out

Cultivating a positive relationship with yourself is the building block for your own world. When you can nurture yourself and value what you can bring, you have high self-esteem and […]

May 23
Treatment Options for Common Behavioral Disorders in Children

Learning that your child has a behavioral disorder can be an overwhelming and frustrating experience, both for you and your child. So, it’s important to be aware of your options […]

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May 22
Where to Find Mental Health Support in Bangkok

When the stresses and strains of everyday life start getting too much, it’s important to always remember to reach out and ask for help. In Bangkok, there are a range […]