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Category: Green Living

Jan 30
Teaching Children Good Eco-Minded Habits

An article published in 2015 on the EcoWatch website named China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam as the worst plastic polluters of the world’s oceans. These five countries are […]

Dec 26
A Wiggly Solution to Food Waste

Globally we throw away 1.3 billion tonnes of food a year. And it’s not just the food going to waste. It takes an area three times the size of Thailand […]

Dec 21
Win a Baby Gift Set from Bamboobubs!

Bamboobubs was born from a simple desire to produce a range of bamboo baby essentials that are stylish, exceptionally soft and lightweight making them breathable, comfortable and cool to wear. The designs […]

Dec 05
Win a Wrappini Starter Set, for a More Eco-Friendly Home!

Wrappini launched approximately six months ago in Bangkok, introducing a more eco-friendly wrap for use in the kitchen and home. With such wraps on hand, users can stop using such harmful and […]

Nov 27
Koh Mak – A Beautiful and Sustainable Island Getaway

Looking for an eco-tourism experience for the family? Consider the beautiful and quiet island of Koh Mak, which has emerged as a wonder of conservation and sustainable practices. The island is privately-owned […]

Oct 18
A’Maze 2017: A Weekend of Fun in Kanchanaburi

Something exciting is coming this November — namely, Amazing Green : A’Maze 2017 (or A’Maze for short). Initiated by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), A’Maze is part of the sustainable agro-tourism movement, […]

Sep 20
Win a Kid’s Pyjama Set from Bamboobubs!

Bamboobubs was created by an expat mum of 2, Susana. She explains, “Shortly after arriving in Bangkok with a newborn, I had a hard time adjusting to the hot humid […]

Aug 14
A Mini-Wilderness Experience at PTT Green in the City

PTT, the largest Thai oil company, has turned their considerable resources to the subject of the environment and conservation by creating a project called PTT Green in the City (‘Pa […]

Aug 10
Learning More About Animal Conservation in Thailand

Over the years, Thailand has seen the growth and success of a number of organisations that have dedicated themselves to improving the plight of wild animals. These animals have suffered […]

Aug 05
Tips for Creating a Greener Home with Kids

Becoming greener and more sustainable has become a vital part of our everyday life. We live in a throw-away society and although many of us are aware of what can […]