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Category: Green Living

Mar 22
Sang Foundation: Action and Education for the Environment

It’s no surprise that Thailand is one of the most plastic-polluted countries in the world. Plastic products can be found everywhere. Many different drinks are sold in plastic bottles, which are […]

Feb 15
Making a Green Difference at Raintree International School

With the recent spike in harmful particulates in Bangkok’s air as well as pressing topics such as plastic pollution and other adverse environmental issues, everyone is naturally concerned about the […]

Feb 12
Win a Pack of ecowrap Wax Wraps and Say NO to Plastic!

ecowrap is a newly launched venture that provides beeswax food wraps, helping keep foods fresh while reducing our use of single-use plastic cling wrap. The benefits are numerous, including: SUSTAINABLE […]

Jul 07
Take the Plastic Free July Challenge!

Starting in Australia, Plastic Free July has become a global movement to reduce disposable plastic use and waste by supporting consumer behaviour change. Over 2 million people from 159 countries are choosing to […]

Jun 11
Food & Fun: “Best of Vegan Bangkok” Walking Tour

Bangkok’s food scene is among the world’s greatest bar none. Whatever cuisine you fancy, it’s probably here (with or without the Michelin star) — and most likely, it is authentic, fresh and tasty. […]

Apr 19
Win a Pack of Bomba Reusable Bamboo Straws!

Founded by two woman and their local Karen Hilltribe partners in Northern Thailand, Bomba Bamboo Straws aims to reduce the use of single-use plastic straws. The re-usable (and 100% organic) […]

Apr 04
Guide to Reusable Nappies

They’re squelchy, smelly, potentially full of poo, and by the time your child is two years old they’ll probably have gone through 5,300 of them. Nappies are no joke for […]

Mar 27
Starting a Food Waste Revolution: Thai Harvest SOS

Meet the charity starting a food waste revolution in Bangkok Bangkok’s bins are bulging with wasted food. On average, each Thai person throws away more than a kilo of rubbish […]

Mar 05
Workshop Hopping: A Weekend of Learning at The COMMONS

WORKSHOPAHOLICS… LISTEN UP! The COMMONS is organizing a very special weekend, from 17 to 18 March 2018, where you can shop for skills, not materials! They have partnered up with local […]

  • DIY & Crafts
Feb 23
Bangkok Faces: Goustan Bodin from Hyper-Tree

Your Name: Goustan Bodin, but everybody calls me Dan Job Title: Changemaker, Hyper-Tree What is your nationality and background? Born and raised in France, I lived in the US, Ireland and […]