“Where Are You From?”

29 April 2016, BKK Kids

Helping your Third Culture Kid adapt, adjust — and answer that question with a smile. Bangkok is a cosmopolitan city where the culture of children...

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Six Superfoods for Kids!

27 April 2016, BKK Kids

As children have different dietary needs than adults, maximise their nutritional intake with these kid-friendly superfoods, best served right in the morning to fuel them...

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Benefits of Pre-Natal Massage

26 April 2016, BKK Kids

Carrying a baby is no easy task. Physically, the extra weight changes one’s center of gravity and puts a large amount of stress on the back, neck, abdominal...

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A Day with Dinosaurs

15 April 2016, BKK Kids

Bangkok’s latest “pop-up” theme park, Dinosaur Planet occupies a prime location right in the heart of the city. On more than 12,000 square metres in The...

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