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Tag: mindfulness in kids

Jan 04
Using Mindfulness as a Superpower at The Apple Tree Kindergarten

Courtesy of The Apple Tree International Kindergarten. Using mindful practices to support high levels of wellbeing and self-regulation in the early years can be a super power and according to […]

May 13
Exam Stress: Top Tips for Rising to the Challenge

Exam season is upon us and there’s no getting away from it; exams are a very stressful time for all teenagers regardless of how together you may appear on the […]

Jun 18
Bangkok Faces: Aarti Saikia, Creative Expressionist

Your Name: Aarti Saikia Job Title: Creative Expressionist What is your nationality and background?My nationality is Indian. I started my professional career working on sustainable social development with leprosy patients in India. […]

Jan 03
Importance of Mindfulness for Families

We live in a fast-paced environment. As families, we race around from school, to work, to sports clubs, to music lessons to tutoring — and that’s just during the week days. […]

Aug 19
Stress Relief for Kids in Bangkok

If your kids are showing symptoms of stress, such as frequent crying, moodiness, withdrawal from activities and changes in sleeping or eating patterns, try one of the following exercises to […]