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Mar 16
The Effects of Air Pollution on Little Lungs

We all know exactly what air pollution is and the damaging effects this has on our bodies, but are we aware on the impact it has on little lungs? Every […]

Mar 01
Air Pollution: Health Effects and Tips During Haze

Unhealthy Air Quality Returns to Bangkok Seasonal dry conditions without much rain in Bangkok have resulted in awful air pollution once again in Bangkok and there have been noticeable higher […]

Oct 01
Coping with Air Pollution in Bangkok

Air pollution is a growing problem around Thailand. Although many steps have been taken locally, such as consideration of fuel used in motor vehicles (especially public transport) it is always […]

Apr 03
A Solution to Pollution: 5 Ways to Help Protect Your Kids

Bangkok’s recent pollution issues have been well-publicised, with the harmful PM 2.5 reaching dangerously high levels. Given that children are especially vulnerable to these adverse air conditions, the following features […]

Feb 12
The Air We Breathe: No Replacement for Clean Air

Unlike energy, there is no “alternative or renewable air”. Clean air – we either have it or we don’t. And when we don’t, we notice it in ourselves and in […]