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Nov 10
The Pros & Cons of Raising Kids in a Big City

For a family, in a big city, one needs to be ready and prepared.  Raising a child in a big city means exposing them to the fast-paced culture of the […]

Jul 08
10 Tips for Expecting or New Parents in Bangkok

Having a baby is tough, especially if this is your first child, and you’re unfamiliar with Bangkok. Here are 10 tips for new or expecting parents, including things we wished […]

Mar 15
40 Things to Do in Bangkok — with Kids

Bangkok offers an abundance of activities catering to young and developing minds. Here are 40 things to do with your toddlers and young children in Bangkok. 1. Playgroups Most international […]

Mar 11
Car Safety in Bangkok

“Thailand has the second-highest traffic fatality rate in the world, with 44 deaths per 100,000 population” (http://global.umich.edu/2014/02/thai-roads-ranked-no-2-for-traffic-deaths/). It was this headline and observing how few children are secured in car […]

Mar 08
5 Child-friendly Weekend Getaways

In need of fresh air, wide open spaces and verdant vistas? From beach break to jungle sojourn, Bangkok offers its residents a variety of wonderful weekend destinations. Below are our […]