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Apr 28
Developing Early Reading Skills

Supporting your child in their quest to unravel the mystery of reading has to be one of the most exciting, yet utterly daunting tasks of parenting. Parents of young children […]

Sep 14
Rote Learning vs. Intelligence Learning

All parents will recall the parrot fashion learning we did with our kids on their math times tables, singing the ABC or getting them to write out their spelling words […]

Apr 14
Bangkok Faces: Bally Wong of ABC Pathways International Kindergarten Bangkok

Your Name: Mrs. Bally Wong Job Title: Founder – ABC Pathways International Kindergarten Bangkok, ABC Group 1. What is your nationality and background? – Chinese (Hong Kong Citizen) – Background: Graduated […]

Mar 26
Bangkok Faces: Linda Byrne
, St Andrews International School Bangkok

Your Name: Linda Byrne Job Title: Early Years Coordinator at St Andrews 107 International School Bangkok 1. What is your nationality and background? 
 Originally I come from New Zealand […]