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Tag: COVID-19

Jul 20
How to Reassure Kids During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Right now, we are living in very uncertain and unique times. Globally, schools closed…

Jul 10
Act Local by Donating to COVID Relief Bangkok and Help Save Kids’ Lives

A year has passed since COVID-19 hit Thailand and it seems to be worse as ever as of…

Apr 21
Supporting Your Kids With Home And Online Learning (July 2021 Update)

In this guide: NEW Open Educational Resources (OER) General Academic Content and…

May 15
Coronavirus: How To Work From Home, The Right Way

For millions of people, working from home(WFH) has become the new normal during the…

Apr 30
Social Distancing In Bangkok For Kids During COVID-19

After the initial outbreak of the Coronavirus, now more commonly known as COVID-19, we…

Apr 09
Helping Kids Deal With Stress During COVID-19

There’s no doubt the prolonged periods of time at home that we are all experiencing…

Mar 17
Where to get tested for COVID-19 in Bangkok

This isn’t a blog we expected to post given the fact we are approaching the Songkran…