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Mar 04
5 Tips for Keeping Children Safe Around Water

Drowning is the leading cause of children’s deaths in Thailand, due in part to lax health and occupational safety regulations. For example, many condominiums and apartments have unfenced pools and […]

Sep 14
Finding Support For Children With Autism

Many children on the Autism spectrum worldwide go un-diagnosed and therefore struggle through their learning years, which has a profound impact on their social, emotional and academic development. In Bangkok […]

Sep 09
5 Easy DIY Toddler/Pre-school Activities

Tried and true – these 5 sensory activities help keep little ones busy and engaged. A great way to keep little hands busy during these days of online learning and […]

Aug 22
22 Activities for Kids & Families in Bangna, Bangkok

Bangna has definitely grown into a hotspot for families — here’s our list of 22 kid-friendly things to do in the area, from games and hobby facilities to rock climbing and horseback riding. […]

Jan 29
Bangkok Faces: Maneeporn Puangla, Owner, Manee Piñatas

Your Name: Maneeporn PuanglaYour Business: Manee Piñatas, Manee Paper Arts What is your background?I am from Thailand and I grew up in Bangkok. I graduated from Rachapat Bansomdejchaopraya University in […]

Jan 19
7 Tips for Getting More (Non-Meat) Protein into Your Child’s Diet

Does your child have vegetarian tendencies, or are you looking to supplement or diversify his or her food preferences with more grains and veggies? Here’re 7 ideas on getting more […]

Jan 10
7 Things Parents Should Know About Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Below are 7 essential things parents should know about Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD). A viral disease fairly common in children, HFMD outbreaks usually occur in schools. 1. HFMD […]

Jan 02
5 Places for Up-Close Animal Encounters for Kids

Children of all ages generally enjoy interacting with and feeding animals. Here are 5 great places to visit for up-close encounters with (mostly) gentle creatures, both large and small. 1. […]

Nov 20
Diabetes in Children

Diabetes among children might seem like a nightmare for parents, but Dr Oranan Siwamogsatham, M.D. of Samitivej Hospital says it is growing and we need to learn that some lifestyle […]

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Sep 24
School Spotlight: Schools in Sukhumvit (Sois 12-31)

As part of our ongoing focus on education, we are exploring the international education options, covering all levels and curricula, in various Bangkok neighbourhoods. Below are the choices from schools […]