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Aug 05
Recommended Vaccines for Kids in Bangkok

(Editor’s Note: This article provides information, not medical advice, about the vaccines your child may need to stay safe in Bangkok.) [ Click here to download A4 version for print […]

Jun 26
Staying Healthy While Flying

It’s not all that uncommon to fly and then feel under the weather a few days later. Traveler’s sicknesses can take many different forms, including head colds, stomach ailments, or […]

May 06
Causes of Sudden Tummy Aches

Abdominal pain is one of the most common complaints among children. While many children use stomach aches to get out of school, it breaks the heart when babies cry and […]

Apr 13
The Dangers of Teenagers and Smoking

Despite dozens of studies and decades of research proving the hazards of smoking, it is still remarkably common to see someone lighting up a cigarette on the streets of Bangkok. Tobacco […]

Mar 12
Curbing the Reflux — GERD in Babies and Children

Often, lifestyle changes are all that’s needed to treat GERD in children, says Dr Patcharin Amornvipas of Samitivej International Children’s Hospital. If your baby spits up frequently or if your older […]

Feb 17
“Paed Wings”, an Emergency Aero Medical Service in Bangkok

Among the comprehensive service offerings of Samitivej Hospitals, a small team of medical specialists have devoted their lives to the emergency aero medical transportation of babies and children, a field fraught […]

  • Babies
Jan 10
7 Things Parents Should Know About Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

Below are 7 essential things parents should know about Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD). A viral disease fairly common in children, HFMD outbreaks usually occur in schools. 1. HFMD […]

Dec 16
Constipation in Children

Constipation is a very common problem among kids. If your child complains of mild to more sever stomach pain, with no other symptoms, he or she may be suffering from […]

  • Health
Nov 20
Diabetes in Children

Diabetes among children might seem like a nightmare for parents, but Dr Oranan Siwamogsatham, M.D. of Samitivej Hospital says it is growing and we need to learn that some lifestyle […]

  • Health
Apr 29
Hematuria in Children

While hematuria in children is a fairly uncommon medical condition, urinary abnormalities are commonly found in children. It is also one of the major illnesses that worry parents to the […]