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*Sky Lane is set to close for further renovations, from 11 April 2017, for 7 months*

After six months of renovations, the Suvarnabhumi Airport Bike Track, re-named Sky Lane, has re-opened at the end of 2015. A collaboration between Airports of Thailand (AOT) and Siam Commercial Bank (SCB), the 23-metre long track features several improvements, including a new asphalt surface that reduces rolling resistance, allowing cyclists to go faster (speed limit is 40 kph), as well as four rest areas, each with toilets. A solar-powered lighting system is in the works, allowing riders to keep biking when night falls, and a “Snap” RFID bracelet system enables rider access to and from the track.

The track circles the perimeter of Suvarnabhumi airport and its follows the irrigation canal protecting the airport from flooding. There are no traffic lights or intersections; rider traffic flows in a counter-clockwise direction. There is an entrance in the southeastern corner where the main road crosses over the irrigation canal and embankment, as well as a northern entrance from Lat Krabang Road.

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