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Learn more about the world around in a spectacular, intriguing, and attractive way.
Measure whether your scream is as loud as the noise of a lawnmower or whether you are quite capable of outshouting a Boeing, jump with so much energy that you turn red on the thermal camera, and step into the middle of a tornado if you dare. And afterwards, relax on a bed of nails.

No, we're not joking – yes, you're getting it right! In this theme park for children and grownups, you can push the boundaries of ordinary. Expect unbelievable emotion! Our wonder park in Bangkok is the right place for some unique experience and interesting experiments! To boot, you can have some fun playing games, taking lots of impressive pictures and videos, and learning a load of new, phantastically interesting stuff!

WOW park is an interactive amusement park, an optical illusion museum, and an entertainment center rolled into one. Everyone will like it here – kids, teenagers, and grownups!

  • Gateway Ekkami, 5th Floor 982, 22 Sukhumvit Road, Khwaeng Phra Khanong, Khet Khlong Toei

Days Of Operations

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


10 am - 10 pm

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