Kids Cinema opening a movie theater for children to cater to the needs of the family group that is popular with taking their children to experience outside the classroom. Which the movie is considered to be one of the activities that the Family group wants the children to learn But the problem of regular movie theater visits that may not be favorable, such as annoying other customers. Insufficient lighting scares the child, and There are no movies specific to children yet. Therefore, it cannot meet the needs of the Kids & Family group. Kids Cinema is a new alternative to use the Kids & Family movie theater for family and fun activities together. A variety of workshops As well as a meeting place for children and their parents To exchange and increase the skill of learning new things and Support the development of children's learning as well. Inside the Kids Cinema there is also a service player Play Land, a land of happiness with colorful ball pits. Slides for children and Candy-colored chairs that create a bright atmosphere in the Kids Cinema.


Kids Cinema Charoen Nakhon 5 Alley, Khlong Ton Sai, Khlong San, Bangkok, Thailand

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