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Chake Mate Horse Club is an equestrian school for children and adults. Under the Thailand Equestrian Federation (Thailand Equestrian Federation).

Founded by Tevin Manathanya, the Thai national equestrian team who has more than 25 years of riding experience with a love of equestrian sport. We intend to be the embodiment of those who love this sport to encourage the new generation to have the opportunity to get to know more about this sport. And making equestrian sports widespread in Thailand.

  • Checkmate Horse Club Bueng Kham Phroi, ????????, Pathum Thani, Thailand

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Days Of Operations

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


8am - 6pm


Lead and walk a pony

Horseback riding activity with staff walking for
Small children spend about 20 minutes.
Price: 450 baht / time

* The above prices do not include the horse-led officer service charge 100 baht / time.

Basic course
Basic course for first time riders Or just getting started This course focuses on balance training, meditation and strengthening the confidence of learners in communicating with horses. And control horses properly
1 trial horse riding lesson: 1,800 baht

Package for 10 horse riding lessons: 15,000 baht

Package for 15 horse riding lessons: 18,000 baht

* The above prices do not include the horse-led officer service charge 100 baht / time.

Athlete course
A course for those who have advanced basic horse riding And those who want to train to compete, riding, jumping over obstacles (Showjumping) or horse driving competition (Dressage).

Athletes will be trained to become familiar with the atmosphere of the competition. And have actually competed at the appropriate level

Please contact us or call 080-626-6651 (Khun Tom) for more information.

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