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Fun New Bangkok-Themed App for Tots

’Travel Puzzle Thailand’ is a new kids app that will appeal to the little ones, especially those who can relate to our city’s busy streets, vendors, big red buses, elephants, tuk tuks and more. Launched by Toowoo, a venture by creative dads Jase and Geir (who both have young daughters), the puzzle game gets toddlers and preschoolers to interact, play and learn — all based on these two dads’ experiences as parents with young children in Bangkok.

“Having little ones triggered our own inner child and the nurturing side of wanting our kids to explore, play, learn and have fun within a safe and trusted digital environment. And not just our kids. All kids,” says Jase. “Given we live in Bangkok it seemed an obvious place to start. Thailand is exotic, friendly, interesting and features monkeys, elephants and tuk tuks! And we wanted it be be available for free to anyone with an iPad.”

In Travel Puzzle Thailand, kids can build their own tuk tuk and traverse the streets of Bangkok. They can interact with loveable characters and animals, play with Thai street food and exploding pineapples, discover major tourist attractions. and recreate a hectic, noisy Bangkok traffic experience – complete with taxis, buses, motorbikes and ambulances.

Jase adds, “It’s a humble app, quite small really, but it’s made with heart. Plus, it’s free!”

To download Travel Puzzle Thailand, visit the App Store, or for more information on the app, please visit TooWoo’s Youtube page, website or Facebook page.

Travel Puzzle Thailand

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