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Kiidu: An Easier Way to Connect Caregivers and Families

Based in Bangkok, Kiidu was launched in April 2015. Within 6 months, the company has been providing nanny and maid services across Thailand – for hotels, wedding events, medical tourists and expat families. Kiidu features more than 1,000+ nannies in its database; these nannies can speak Thai, English and other languages. All nannies are verified with background and reference checks, and Kiidu is the first platform in Southeast Asia to have a review and rating system for the nannies. Parents can even interview the caregiver via telephone or live video chat before deciding upon the candidate’s suitability.

Kiidu was founded by Alfiah Strohal, a globetrotting mom originally from Indonesia. Always on the go with her two young children, Alfiah has sought nannies in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Having struggled many times to find the right service provider, this entrepreneurial mother came up with the idea of seamlessly connecting qualified caregivers with the families who need them – and hence Kiidu, meaning “creditable or laudable” in Estonian, was born.

Alfiah says, “Even the most dedicated parents can’t be available every moment in their children’s lives. That’s why we’re committed to helping parents find the sitters and nannies that will best match their needs. The best sitters are here, on demand. It’s just a matter of connecting the parties using our tech-based platform.”

Not only do families gain access to trustworthy nannies, both locals and foreigners, as well as senior caregivers, maids, tutors and pet sitters, each service provider receives proper training, qualification verifications and the ability to find a job quickly. Besides its entrepreneurial spirit, there’s a bit of a social enterprise feel at Kiidu as well!

“We make finding that perfect nanny a better experience for parents. Everything we do is based on own experiences: the technology we build, the nannies we partner with, and everything our business strives to be, namely, the industry’s top caregiver database for families in Thailand,” adds Alfiah.

For more information or to get started on Kiidu, please visit the company’s website.

Editor’s note: This article is sponsored content from Kiidu.

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