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Tag: British Education Bangkok

Apr 20
The Importance of Play at Bangok Prep

Have you noticed how your child seems to play a different way as they grow older? In this article, Dr Blakemore from Bangkok Prep explains the different stages and types […]

Apr 20
Outdoor Learning at St. Andrews International schools, Thailand – Dusit, Green Valley, Sathorn & Sukhumvit 107

From early years to IB, outdoor learning has an integral place in every student’s learning journey.Learning that takes place beyond the classroom provides unique and memorable learning experiences that enhances […]

Dec 02
Experience The Magic of Wellington College Bangkok

On Saturday, 30th January 2021 at 9am, we will open our doors to the public to showcase our truly extraordinary environment for learning and for life. Wellington College Bangkok is […]

Jun 11
BKK Kids Checks Into Shrewsbury Riverside Campus

BKK Kids recently toured Shrewsbury International School’s Riverside Campus. Walking around the Riverside Campus it is hard not to admire the picturesque setting on which it is built. Nestled on […]