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Sep 12
Dyslexia: Fact vs. Fiction

Dyslexia is a term that has been used many different ways during the past century. As a result, myths have emerged about the diagnosis and how the term applies to […]

Oct 01
Helping a Struggling Reader

When a child struggles to read, we often scrutinise social or economic factors, access to books or the home environment as possible reasons for their difficulties. While each of these […]

Aug 26
Language-Based Learning Disabilities in Children

Humans have an innate capacity to learn language, and whatever is spoken to them during the first few years of life is picked up naturally. The ability to tease out […]

Apr 23
Enhancing Life Skills and Academic Success

Is there a correlation between cognitive skills and academic performance when it comes to standardized test scores? Yes, says a study by John Gabrieli at MIT, published in the journal […]