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Tag: Autism Awareness Thailand

Sep 21
Understanding Autism

Understanding Autism and these beautiful minds is something that parents, communities, schools and educators are starting to embrace, and inclusivity is becoming more common place in many schools across Bangkok…..finally. […]

Sep 14
Help for Dyslexia and Autism in Bangkok

Finding the perfect school can be difficult enough but trying to find a school when you have a child with Dyslexia or Autism can be a challenging task. You will […]

Mar 28
Bangkok Faces: Kwan Hansongkitpong, Clinical Psychologist & Autism Rights Advocate

Your Name: Kwan Hansongkitpong Job Title: Clinical Psychologist, Autism Rights Advocate, and Educator What is your nationality and background? I’m Thai, born and raised. At 14, my parents sent me […]