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The Robot Building, located in the Sathorn business district houses the United Overseas Bank’s Bangkok headquarters. It was designed for the Bank of Asia by Sumet Jumsai to reflect the computerisation of banking; its architecture is a reaction against neoclassical and high-tech postmodern architecture. The building’s features, such as progressively receding walls, antennae, and eyes, contribute to its robotic appearance and to its practical function. The eyes are the dining and meeting rooms for the executive suits, the eyelids are sunshades, the antennae are lighting rods and the nuts were the biggest in the world at the time of development. The blue walls represented the colour of the Bank of Thailand, and serve now as much needed shade for the building inhabitants. Completed in 1986, the building is one of the last examples of modern architecture in Bangkok.

The building does not necessarily warrant an exclusive visit, but is perfectly experienced on the BTS Skytrain on your way from Chong Nonsi station, headed towards Surasak station. Children will adore the building grandeur and robotic details, which aren’t difficult to spot even for the smaller ones.

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