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Rising Star Dance Studio was founded by Fay & Vithaya Pansringarm in 1996. It is a place where people of all ages and nationalities can enjoy studying dance. Fay and several carefully chosen instructors teach in a way that encourages students to develop both technique and artistic expression. We believe that the study of dance can be both strenuous and relaxing, hard work yet joyous.


Specializing in classical ballet, we teach in the American style, based on an international blend of methods that stresses movement, expressiveness, and theatricality while being true to one's own anatomy. Under the direction of Fay Pansringarm, teaching is based on kinesiology, making use of one's natural movement and allowing the body to work in a healthy, relaxed way. Dance as an art form develops expression and theatricality. As a sport, it is a wonderful way to exercise.

Since 1996, Rising Star has been teaching students ages 3 to adult from more than 25 nationalities. Instructors speak English, Thai, and Japanese. In addition to ballet and pointe for children and adults, there are classes in jazz and rhythmic gymnastics. Rising Star also runs dance programs for several international schools in Bangkok. We teach in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and believe that all arts should grow within the soul of the artist. 

  • Rising Star Dance Studio, Thong Lo Road, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok, Thailand

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