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A Little About our Parties

Our KIDDY-KICKS soccer parties begin with fun warm ups and games for children of all ages and is followed by a mini world cup (where parents may enter the competition too).

The Birthday celebration can be organised by KIDDY-KICKS tailored to your requirements and at a location that suits you. If you are looking for a special and unique party, then come and join us !

All participating children can be rewarded with medals to the cheers of all attending the party :)

The Birthday Player will have the honor to hand out the medals of course!

Children are then escorted to the bathroom by our staff to wash their hands before eating the cake 
...While singing the Happy Birthday Song!

Order any Team's Uniform of any size for your guests
250THB per Uniform (Shirt+Shorts)
+50THB add Child's Name on the Back

Contact us today to book a Soccer Party for your loved one!

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