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The concepts of the playground are very simple; clean, safe, and fun. Today HarborLand has 13 locations nationwide, and by the year 2021, under the COVID-19 situation, there will be a few new locations opened. Enjoying the high quality and world-class design playground at your nearest HarborLand, your kids will have the great time and lot of fun. Harborland has many branches across Bangkok, including Megaharbor @ Icon Siam.

Days Of Operations

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday




Harbor Land: Free for babies less than 1 year in age or 80cm in height and for seniors

Kids/Juniors over 100cm in height and under 13 years in age: 440 baht for 4 hours

Adults (18-60 years): 160 baht for 4 hours

Please check this link for pricing information for all the different zones.

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