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Indoor playground
In early 2016, HarborLand was first launched at Harbor Pattaya (7th fl.).  It was the largest indoor playground ever built in Asia at that time.

The concepts of the playground are very simple; clean, safe, and fun. Today HarborLand has 12 locations nationwide, and by the year 2021, under the COVID-19 situation, there will be a few new locations opened.

Enjoying the high quality and world-class design playground at your nearest HarborLand, your kids will have the great time and lot of fun.

Since then, we are continuing to put our playground closer to community.

More Location >>  https://www.harborlandgroup.com/list-by-locations


Days Of Operations

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday




Harbor Land: Free for babies less than 1 year in age or 80cm in height and for seniors

Kids/Juniors over 100cm in height and under 13 years in age: 440 baht for 4 hours

Adults (18-60 years): 160 baht for 4 hours

Please check this link for pricing information for all the different zones.

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