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Located just outside the border of Bangkok is the Erawan Museum, a 3-headed elephant that in Hindu mythology is a symbol of eastern cosmography and the god Indra’s vehicle. The three-storey museum is 250 tons in weight, 29 meters high, 39 metres long and cast in pure green-hued copper. The breathtaking museum contains antiquities and priceless collections of ancient religious objects belonging to Khun Lek Viriyapant, the museum owner and creator who spent over 10 years directing its construction.

The three-headed elephant’s remarkable body is set on top of a pastel pink base, and surrounded by tropical gardens with swathes of rare flora, tucked away benches, pavilions and rock sculptures. The museum’s three floors symbolise the universe and are designed in accordance with the 3-tiered cosmology of the Hindu-Thai Buddhist concept of Tribhumi (three lands). The basement level represents the underworld. Alongside rare artifacts from furniture to ceramics and pottery, large display boards detail the history and construction of the Museum. The second level is lavishly adorned and features a dome-shape interior with highlights including an impressive stained glass ceiling on which a world map and zodiac are illustrated and intricately detailed stucco works enhanced by pieces of crusted ceramic tiles.

A narrow spiral staircase passes through the right hind leg of the elephant and leads to Heaven, deep inside the elephant’s belly. This eye-catching room on the top of the museum marks the second heaven where Indra resides and houses two superb Buddha images, glistening with gold. 
Apart from a display of old Buddha images from different periods, the most charming feature of this level is its curved wall and ceiling, which was transformed into a representation of the eternal cosmos with beautiful hand-painted patterns.

If the historical and architectural aspects of the Museum don’t interest younger children, the outdoor gardens will. The imaginative, almost magical grounds are a great place for families to relax, wander stone paths, feed fish and admire exotic flowers. There are food stall on site and traditional Thai singing and dancing from time-to-time.

Days Of Operations

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday


9:00am to 7:00pm


Adults: 400 Baht

Children: 200 Baht

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