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Kids’ Salons & Barbers in Bangkok

It’s pretty hard to keep a toddler or young child still – especially when they are getting a haircut! Below is a list of dedicated or specialty salons for kids, compete with the special car/motorcycle/airplane cutting chairs, DVD players, toys and most importantly, staff that are experienced with kids.

ABC Cuts, 2nd Floor, Panyaramindra Road (across from Panya Golf Course)
Open: Thursday to Tuesday (closed Wednesday), 10am-6pm
Tel: 02-943-2063

For Kids Salon, 3rd Floor (Central Zone), Future Park
Open: Monday to Friday, 10.30am-8pm; Weekends, 10am-9pm
Tel: 02-958-0716

For Kids Salon, 4th Floor (near YoYo Land), Seacon Square
Open: Monday to Friday, 10.30am-8pm; Weekends, 10am-9pm
Tel: 02-721-8817

For Kids Salon, 2nd Floor (near food court), Plus Mall
Open: Monday to Friday, 10.30am-8pm; Weekends, 10am-9pm
Tel: 099-323-1599

Little Red Fox, 2nd Floor (kids’ zone, next to Toys R Us), Mega Bangna
Open: Everyday, 10.30am-8.30pm
Tel: 096-130-8505

Never Say Cutz, Sukhumvit
Open: Everyday, 10am-8pm
Tel: 02-662-6781
Other branches that cater to kids (boys), with a themed cutting chair:
Major Pinklao, Tel: 02-886-5287
Town in Town, Tel: 02-957-5788
Ari, Tel: 02-619-5240

The Salon, Thonglor*
3rd Floor, Fifty Fifth Plaza, Thonglor Soi 2
Open: Monday to Saturday, 10.30am to 4pm
Tel: 081-699-5585

*Formerly known as Salon by the Sea; no kid’s cutting chair but there is a dedicated kids’ stylist available

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