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Introducing Little Tree Nursery – A Greener Tomorrow

Anyone living in Central Bangkok would agree that this beautiful concrete jungle and hustle-bustle lifestyle could benefit from more patches of green. This is especially true for families with young children lacking the space and freedom to connect with nature. Little Treehouse Nursery, is a cozy kindergarten nestled in the heart of Thonglor Soi 13, and is revolutionizing the way we approach education in 2020.

“A Greener Tomorrow”

“A Greener Tomorrow”, as their slogan boasts, represents their commitment to aiding young children in building a positive and natural relationship with their environment.

Nature-based kindergartens are commonplace in Scandinavia and some parts of the United States but have not gained much popularity in Thailand. Time spent playing outdoors benefits children’s physical, psychological and social development; unfortunately our children today spend far less time playing outdoors than previous generations. The culture of being outdoors is not prevalent in our society, and families turn to kindergartens and schools to deliver that experience for our children. That is exactly why playgrounds in schools should not merely be a center to “burn off energy” for the little ones but instead a vast and rich environment for educational opportunities and environmental learning.

Grass, sand, mud, rain, leaves, twigs, and more –
these are Mother Nature’s teaching tools that children should be free to explore and express with. Children get creative and problem solve when they see dirt turning into mud, rocks becoming slippery in the rain, leaves
crunching in heat of the sun. These experiences encourage, motivate, engage and inspire children in a nature filled environment.

What Does A Comfortable & Green Kindergarten Look Like?

Upon creating this small center, the founders implored the question –
what does a comfortable and green kindergarten look like? Comfort, defined by the team, refers to the aesthetic, acoustic, space and thermal comfort of the environment. Walking into the nursery, one will notice the solid hardwood floors and calming white walls give the nursery a minimalistic yet cozy home-like feel. Shady outdoors and brightly lit indoors; this space relies on natural sunlight, leafy shade, and ample space to ventilate the areas. The green construction of this prime property involved the usage of natural materials, such as bamboo and reclaimed wood. Each area of the nursery is carefully designed and curated for the children.

Opening Its Doors In August 2020

Opening its doors in August 2020, Little Treehouse Nursery aims to
lead the way on teaching sustainability in the early years. Sustainability
shouldn’t be out of reach for the little ones. It should be in everything that they do, whether it is simply painting on recycled tissue boxes or turning off the light when they leave the room. Here, children learn how to respect all forms of life and care for their environment. Children are taught how to plant and grow their own food, such as sprouts for their noodles or basil for their pesto. By participating in sustainable activities, children become active agents of their learning. Now is the time to reconnect our children with the natural world and create a future that values, preserves and respects nature. For a sneak peak at Little Treehouse check out their viedo link below.

Little Treehouse Nursery welcomes children from 18 months – 5 years, and follows the British Curriculum.They are opened for school tours from July 1 st 2020. Please contact [email protected]

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