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Great NEW Baby Sensory Busy Boards

Busy boards

Little Birds Flying was created by two kindergarten teachers each with a Masters Degree in Education. Our name comes from the joy we find in helping curious and imaginative young children soar upwards like little birds flying. We believe in a holistic approach in building the foundation of a child’s education and saw a growing need for educational toys based on the principles of play-based learning and self-discovery. 

Welcome to the Busy Board

Our first product, the Busy Board, is the ultimate baby sensory toy. Busy Boards allow children to explore everyday or ‘forbidden’ items such as latches, handles, and switches in a fun and safe way on a securely fastened board. Our interactive boards encourage open-ended and creative play, while children figure out how to button vertically, horizontally or diagonally. It entertains out-of-the-box thinking, where children have the opportunity to experiment with items backwards or upside down. We strongly believe in a hands-on learning experience ‘where all the fun is in one’!

Busy Boards

The different boards facilitate development of foundational skills such as fine motor skills, gross motor skills, real life everyday household skills such as switching on and off a light, grabbing, pulling and pushing. Our Busy Boards encourage imaginary play, counting, number recognition, hand-eye coordination, problem solving, and sensory skills.

Play-based learning provides opportunities to develop a sense of the world around them through inquiry, exploration, interaction and problem solving. Children learn to manipulate and tinker items on the board at their own pace and way while developing various foundational abilities. Chaining a door latch, tying shoe laces, and buttoning are just some of the many skill sets our board offers. Our boards are well equipped to promote fine motor skills and build finger strength. For example, switching on and off a light, spinning a fidget, pulling and pushing door latches or unscrewing a nut and bolt. Additionally, they provide a sensory experience with the bells, introduces problem- solving with the labyrinth, and boosts imaginative play when your child acts as a superhero!

Busy boards

Our boards help foster self-discovery. Children are able to story-tell their way through the board or role play different sound effects each object makes. They self-discover various ways to play with the bells, whether it be to count them, ring them high and low, or name their colours!

Our boards are a wonderful way to bridge the gap between home and school learning. It helps boost our little ones’ self-confidence when they achieve various skill sets on the board. It’s a hands-on learning experience where “all the fun is in one”! Each board is storage and mess free and make for the best gifts for children who love bright and bold activity toys.

So, how high will you let your little bird fly? Join us on our journey as we continue to create various educational
toys inspired by the Busy Board!

Come join our nest! You can find us here

IG : littlebirdsflying 

Facebook : Little Birds Flying 

It’s a hands-on learning experience where all the fun is in one!

Little Bird flying marketplace

We encourage kids to engage with these objects in a fun and safe way. This approach allows for open-ended creative play and out-of-the-box thinking.

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