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Online Story-times for Kids in Bangkok

With most kids, if not all, back to online learning during school time there are definitely a few parents out there who are pulling their hair out looking for way to keep the kids occupied after school. We are loving these local incentives to bring parents a little window of opportunity to recharge and they offer exciting story-times for kids to participate in. We know it’s back online listening to stories; but it’s still reading and using their imaginations and needs must during these incredibly unusual moments in time.

Storytime With Lindsay Zielinski

Lindsay Zielinski is a teacher and librarian at an international school here in Bangkok. With six years experience in education as a teacher and librarian, holding a master’s in Children’s Literature.

“The lockdown has been terribly tough on everyone, and I started doing free story-times about a month ago to connect with other families. I have a one year old daughter, and one of the things I feel like I am missing out on as a new mom during COVID times is library story times. I wanted to offer something to parents to help them through the heaviness of lockdown. 

The sessions are about 20 minutes long. We usually read two books, sing songs, rhymes, do lap bounces (great for babies!) and have a dance break. The purpose of the session is two fold: to help each child fall in love with reading, and to help parents and caregivers support them. Songs, rhymes, and bounces can be repeated throughout the week, increasing literacy skill development in areas like language and communication. I offer two sessions (because nap times vary!) at 9am and 11am. 

My philosophy is that children who love to read will never stop learning. Children who love to read will learn more, do more, will make the world a better place. The first five years of development are the most important in a human’s life. What we do for children now lays a foundation of healthy development and, hopefully, a lifelong love of reading. 
So. That’s the background. 

This week, I am asking for donations to access the Zoom links in order to give to the Bangkok Community Help Foundation. I am broken hearted over the changes that Bangkok is going through, and I feel a deep need to help.

Neilson Hayes Library

Neilson Hayes library have created a special resource just for library members! Now, you can join their private Facebook group, Story Time Adventures for Neilson Hays Library Members!

If you’re a library member, then you can access their special Facebook group. Simply RSVP by emailing them the following at [email protected]:

1. Your library membership number 2. The name on your Facebook account. 3. A screenshot of your Facebook page icon so we can identify you.

Don’t worry if you are not a member or want to renew? Details here  on how to do this can be found https://neilsonhayslibrary.org/

WHAT YOU’LL GET: Story Times! Songs! Games! Surprises! 

Each Saturday at 10:30am, they will release a new story time video featuring your favorite story tellers.

Members can access the video library at any time via their private Facebook group.

Story Times With Heads & Tales

Anna Manuel, created a collection of stories on her IG/FB page called QuaranTALES – stories she wrote during the 14 days in quarantine. She wrote about things that were around her in the room or outside the hotel window. It might give parents ideas on what they can do with their children during the 2nd lockdown. 
These are the more loved stories/rhymes in the series:
Which Color? https://www.instagram.com/tv/CNPVAxJhLnR/?igshid=1lgg33ilx8atl
Window People:https://www.instagram.com/tv/CNFDyYFBEiF/?igshid=k2xpkbgicnn5

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