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Benefits of Massage for Kids

No parent likes to see their children sick, and sometimes we want a quick fix when it comes to their health. Paracetamol and antihistamines may be effective at lowering fever and relieving seasonal allergies, but what about chronic conditions, such as asthma, headaches or coughing, when medication may not be enough?

“Suppressing symptoms is what most doctors usually do,” explains Doris Seau, a massage and yoga health practitioner and trainer specializing in the health of women and children. “However, there are things we can do as parents to complement such care, based on a broader, more holistic and long term approach that covers diet, environment and overall lifestyle.”

One such option is massage and yoga therapy, which Doris has pioneered in Asia. Currently based in Bangkok, she offers specialised therapy for pre-natal and children, from birth to 18 years of age, with regimens that encompass aromatherapy, traditional Chinese acupressure techniques and passive yoga. “Massage is not just for adults. Massage combined with yoga and music therapy has proven effective in treating common childhood ailments and promoting relaxation, focus, self-esteem, as well as improved moods, sleep, digestion, focus, immunity and more.”

A Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Paediatric Acupressure Specialist from the China Beijing International Acupuncture & Acupressure Centre, among other certifications, Doris possesses years of experience in conducting massage training workshops and treatments for families and hospitals in Thailand, Japan, China and Singapore. In Bangkok, she runs her own venture, EduQ International Wellness Program, which features courses for parents to learn about massaging babies and children. She is also a visiting practitioner at the Six Senses Spa, focusing on women’s health, including pre-natal, post-natal and general women’s wellbeing and anti-aging therapies.

Doris’s interest in child massage stems from wanting to bond and improve the health of her twin sons, treating them with natural remedies rather than medication. Now 13, the boys continue to receive their mother’s nurturing touch, turning to her when they have colds, stomach ailments and sports injuries.

“The benefits of child massage can promote life-long wellness, as well as enhance parent-child relationships,” says Doris. “I’m teaching a set of routine massages that parents may use with their child for promoting bonding, relaxation and better health.”

During our 6-hour Fun Kids Massage course, broken down into several hands-on sessions, we covered the basics of aromatherapy, including the appropriate massage oils and essential oils to use for children, basic massage movements and tricks on how to keep fidgety kids still. Doris also patiently explained the basis of TCM acupressure , highlighting key acupoints and meridians on a child’s body, such as on the face, abdomen, back and extremities, which target certain functions.  When gently pressed or massaged regularly, such points can strengthen digestive and immune systems. Other points effectively treat asthma, eczema, cold, cough, headaches, constipation, diarrhoea, colic and more. They can also address issues such as anxiety, low appetite, night crying, poor sleep and bed-wetting.

Doris reassures, “The treatment is a safe manual therapy, gentle without side effects and great to relieve most discomforts of a child from birth to around 12 years old.” Also, each session lasts about 15 to 30 minutes so it can be incorporated into a child’s regular routine. “Overall, the massage is very soothing for the child and the parent also gets into a more relaxed state – a natural boost to the health and happiness of both.”

For more information on Doris’s workshops and therapies, please visit http://dorisseau.wix.com/wellness.

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