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Oct 04
Halloween Crafts For Kids

With Halloween fast approaching now is a good time to dig out all the crafty bits and pieces from google eyes to pipe cleaners and have fun making your own […]

Apr 05
Songkran Activity Booklet For Kids

Every year from April 13 to 15, Songkran, or the Thai New Year, takes place across the country; this is a busy time for celebrations and family gatherings as well […]

Apr 05
Songkran Summer Crafts

1. Sand Stupas Sand is typically taken to a local Wat (temple) and sand creations are made in forms of stupas or animals, and decorated with colorful flags, incense and […]

Sep 09
5 Easy DIY Toddler/Pre-school Activities

Tried and true – these 5 sensory activities help keep little ones busy and engaged. A great way to keep little hands busy during these days of online learning and […]

Jan 23
More Junk Modelling Ideas!

Every day households create heaps of waste. Some needs to be binned. But lots can be recycled, and not just recycled in the rubbish. It can be recycled into a […]